READ|ME file [ `ridmi ,faıl ] noun count COMPUTING
a file that contains information about a piece of software

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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  • Readme File —   [dt. Lies mich Datei], Readme Datei …   Universal-Lexikon

  • README file —    A plain text file that contains information about the software, placed on the distribution disks by the manufacturer.    The filename may vary slightly; it might be READ.ME, README.1ST, README .TXT, or README.DOC, for example. README files may …   Dictionary of networking

  • readme file — readˈmē file noun (computing) A text file supplied with computer software that contains information about the software, such as advice on installation and bugs • • • Main Entry: ↑read * * * README file UK [ˈriːdmiː ˌfaɪl] US [ˈridmi ˌfaɪl] noun… …   Useful english dictionary

  • README file — UK [ˈriːdmiː ˌfaɪl] / US [ˈrɪdmɪ ˌfaɪl] noun [countable] Word forms README file : singular README file plural README files computing a file that contains information about a piece of software …   English dictionary

  • README file — text file which is included with a program and contains information which is recommended to be read before operating the program …   English contemporary dictionary

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  • README — A readme (or read me) file contains information about other files in a directory or archive and is very commonly distributed with computer software. Such a file is usually a text file called README.TXT, README.1ST, READ.ME, or simply README,… …   Wikipedia

  • README-файл — (от англ. read me  «прочти меня»)  текстовый файл, содержащий информацию о других файлах в том же каталоге или архиве; такой файл обычно сопровождает дистрибутив программы при распространении. Такой файл обычно имеет имя readme.txt …   Википедия

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